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Fuel Water Emulsion

Fuel Water Emulsion (FWE) is a pre-treatment technology designed to lower fuel consumption and air emissions in diesel fired engines. FEW is an add-on circulation system, utilizing fully electronic controls and monitoring systems, designed to blend water with diesel fuel immediately before the fuel injection pump. The fuel is taken from the existing fuel supply system and pre-mixed with varying, previously specified amounts of specially treated fresh water. This pre-treatment allows customers to maximize the benefits of the unit, according to the desired output.


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Fuel Water Emulsion: parallel, energy efficient reduction of all relevant pollutants

  • Soot reduction up to the detection limit (≈ 100%)
  • Particle mass reduction of over 80%
  • Particle numbers reduction of over 90%
  • Up to 60%NOx reduction
  • Fuel consumption and – / CO2 – Reduction of 2 to 10% and more
  • No secondary emissions, e.g. NO2 / literature: significant reduction of PAH
  • Customers typically see a reduction in total running costs
  • Complete tolerance to poor fuel qualities / also HFO suitable
  • Savings in installation space
  • Ability to incorporate an SCR downstream
  • Significant running cost advantage in combination with SCR, compared to SCR only
  • Significant reduction of running cost in combination with SCR, compared to DPF & SCR
  • Cleaning effect for engine components, turbo charger, exhaust system
  • No additional heat dissipation in engine room
  • Guaranteed safe operation due to consistent monitoring and controls