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World’s best electrical efficiency

Kawasaki Green Gas Engine

Energy Choice offers leading technology from Kawasaki Heavy Industries to meet your power generation needs. The Kawasaki Green Gas Engine has the highest electrical efficiency in the industry for its class. It has been designed and engineered to be the best performing and most reliable CHP, baseload or peak shaving power generation unit in the world.

Our 5MW and 7.5MW Kawasaki units are ideal for any near or long-term power project due to their quick start-up time, industry leading efficiency, and small footprint. These units have rapid delivery and their competitive pricing provides an attractive choice for any project from 5MW up to and above 100MW.

Kawasaki Best In Class Performance

Industry Leading Electrical Efficiency – KHI Green Gas Engines have the highest electrical efficiency in its class at 49%.

Low Emissions – Our KHI units produce power at a lower level of NOx emissions than competing units.

Excellent Partial Load Performance: The KHI Green Gas Engine maintains its high level of performance from ~30% to 100% load. Having such a large continuous operating range gives a plant operator incredible flexibility in plant operation and makes these units ideals for applications like peak shaving.

Less Impact by Ambient Conditions: Our KHI units are able to maintain a stable output in hot climates or high altitudes. These allow them to maintain a higher level of efficiency when compared to other technologies like gas turbines.

Low Heat Rate: The Green Gas Engine has one of the best heat rates available in the industry today. With a heat rate of 7,347 kj/kWh; these engines are designed to outperform the competition and provide incredible economic value.

Quick Start-Up: A KHI Green Gas Engine is able to reach 100% load in 10 minutes. This again serves as extremely useful for peak shaving applications or a project that requires engines to be called into action quickly. This serves in direct contrast to some other technologies like steam turbines that can require hours to reach full load.

Completely Automatic: No operator is required for the The KHI Green Gas Engine as it is completely automated with state-of-the-art software.

Learn how a Kawasaki Green Gas Engine Can Benefit Your Power Project

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Experienced Support

Energy Choice provides experienced support across your energy projects including energy procurement, plant development, retrofits, and maintenance.  Our energy solutions can provide new revenue opportunities, help improve efficiency, and lower your energy costs.

Utility Scale Solutions: 5MW plant to 150+MW

These large scale power plants have been extremely successful and are providing immense economic value.

  • It is possible to operate continuously for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Optimized DSS (Daily Start and Stop) operation by each individual unit
  • Fast start-up – less than 10 minutes to full plant load
  • Gross electrical efficiency is kept at about 49% during plant operation
  • Individual maintenance can be performed one unit at a time, leaving the other units running and minimizing power reduction
  • Due to their low heat-rate, these plants can produce power at extremely competitive rates, making them ideal for any intermediate power generation project

Benefits for Any Cogeneration Application

Energy Choice is able to customize each CHP project for our customers, meaning that larger commercial or industrial customers are able to utilize a KHI unit for anything from domestic hot water to on-site chilling to high pressure steam. Their application flexibility allows them to be deployed in nearly any cogeneration application.