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Powering Your Future

There has never been a smarter time to invest in a power only or CHP unit that operates on natural gas or biogas. Today’s low natural gas prices and higher electrical prices, along with the many state and federal incentives, make distributed generation systems a very attractive option for slashing energy expenses. Many of our customers save up to 50% on their energy, heating and cooling costs, and all enjoy the reliability and flexibility that come with onsite power generation.


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Traditional power generation comes in all shapes, sizes and technologies.

From large-scale commercial coal and nuclear power plants, to wind and solar farms to the backup power generators that you have in your home or office, power generation utilizes a variety of fuel sources and technology to keep the lights on.

At Energy Choice, our packages utilize an internal combustion or reciprocating engines as the “prime mover”. Reciprocating engines are a proven, cost-efficient technology that has been in use for more than 100 years. They are an economic, reliable and flexible technology that gives our customers the highest uptime and efficiency for their power project. Reciprocating engines are excellent for power generation and CHP projects because they offer fast start-up, excellent load-following characteristics, significant heat recovery potential, proven reliability, and lower upfront costs for customers interested in pursuing a power or cogeneration project.

The technology used in our systems means that customers are also receiving a system that has best-in-class electrical and thermal efficiencies. An Energy Choice system can have up to 49% electrical efficiency (the highest efficiency in its class) and can have an overall efficiency that is above 90%. This means that our CHPs can be 10-20% more efficient overall than systems that utilize a microturbine, fuel cell or gas/steam turbine

Improving Your Resiliency

Onsite power generation provides significant economic value for a wide range of customer types. In addition to these economic benefits, customers can improve their site or campus’ overall reliability and resiliency through the incorporation of microgrid technology into their power generation system. This means that during abnormal system outage events, like grid outages or extreme weather events, a site does not lose power.

For facilities that require “island mode capability,” a microgrid controller can be installed to oversee the isolation of critical zones within a territory from the grid via integration with a local utility’s existing infrastructure. Electrical energy will be supplied via installed distributed generation running in base load mode to supply electricity to the sites within the microgrid. By “islanding” feeder sections, customers have improved system resilience and increased the economic value of installed generation. These island-able feeder sections can be configured in real-time, based upon each unique electrical outage situation via the microgrid controller. Every project that we help to develop is designed with a view to the long term and allowing to easily scale a project as needed. This is incorporated into our microgrid solution; it is designed so that additional power generation systems can easily be added to the microgrid, providing both greater resiliencies to the zone as well as the economic benefits for customers interested in on-site generation.