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An Energy Choice power generation solution is not simply an engine for your business or plant. We have decades of experience in the energy and power generation industries and have created a comprehensive and holistic approach to power generation and the needs of our customers. Our goal is to support our customers from a project’s conception through the entire lifecycle of the plant.

Energy Choice expert services cover: CHP, peak shaving, utility scale solutions, demand response participation, industrial engine parts and components, retrofits, emissions controls, and experienced consulting services to help manage your overall energy needs on a long term basis.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Energy Choice’s portfolio of products and services provides customers with a complete solution that improves energy efficiency and provides a permanent reduction in energy usage and costs.

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Manage and Finance Your Power Generation Assets

Asset management allows our customers to focus on their primary business development by offering services that will manage and enable them to implement projects. Energy Choice offers a variety of options to facilitate project development and management.

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Energy Consulting

Energy Choice experts help you to develop long term, sustainable energy savings. Our experience can help you with energy project feasibility modeling, energy sourcing, and long term energy planning.

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