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Manage and Finance Your Power Generation Assets

Energy Choice’s decades of experience helps you to set-up and run power projects most effectively. Customer’s gain economic and environmental benefits from leveraging Energy Choice Asset Management services. Our experienced team can help you expedite projects and simplify day-to-day operations. We offer unique financing solutions that get you up and running quickly including PPA, leasing, and direct financing options. Energy Choice can help lower maintenance and operational costs of managing your plant and help to ensure that your plant is performing at the highest efficiency possible.

Expedite and Simplify Your Energy Operations

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Plant Management

We are able to support existing sites with our network of top service and operations professionals. This allows customers with existing plants to lower their maintenance and operations costs. Combining our network of service providers with our robust spare parts and components arm enables Energy Choice to offer our customers hugely increased savings without sacrificing the performance they expect.

Daily Energy Management

EC provides services that facilitate daily energy demand operations of our customers. Our cutting edge software will optimize your building or plant to ensure you are performing at the highest efficiency possible.

Demand Management (DM): Demand charges count for a large portion of the bill and capacity costs are expected to rise by as much as 40%. Energy Choice can remotely activate the retrofitted engines during predicted peak demand periods and lower your site’s demand and resulting energy costs.  Energy Choice provides the intelligence and software to turn these units on during capacity hours throughout the year. This can be a quick and cost effective solution providing savings and price predictability.

Demand Response (DR): Retrofitting engines with Emissions Control Systems allows existing engines to enroll in DR programs. By serving as a virtual energy plant, you will be paid by the grid operator for reducing electricity use.  Depending on the type of program, participants may be dispatched just once or twice a year for a few hours, or up to 100 hours per year. The more frequently dispatched programs typically offer higher payouts.

Energy Choice will work with you to help determine the best capital solution to meet your business needs.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Within a PPA structure, Energy Choice would build, own and operate a project for a customer. This could involve any one of our technology solutions. In this structure, there is a set price per kW/h or kW/Month that is more competitive than a customer’s market rates. Furthermore, we can offer an ownership transfer options at set stages in the project’s life cycle, if the customer decides to take on ownership and operation.

Leasing Agreement

Energy Choice can enable your power project with either capital or operational leasing options. Our capital leasing financial partnerships offer extremely competitive rates and the opportunity to buy out of the project over time if desired. Operational leases are attractive options for large entities and provide off balance sheet and tax exempt financing. Energy Choice provides operation and maintenance support for the life cycle of the project.

Direct Financing

Through our finance partners, we are able to offer our customers direct financing that allows them to build and own their projects. Energy Choice would serve as a project facilitator and vendor.