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Energy Choice’s energy consulting experts help you develop an effective long term plan to optimize the benefits of your energy projects. Starting with project feasibility, we provide customers with comprehensive modeling and return on investment projections to ensure accurate up-front choices. Energy Choice can help to negotiate long term sourcing relationships to reduce energy and gas bill costs as well as lay out plans for your long term energy needs. Energy Choice’s energy consulting experts utilize a proven financial model that yields long term savings and benefits for our customers.

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Energy Project Feasibility Modeling

Energy Choice has developed a sophisticated energy model that analyzes a customer’s potential energy project. We have taken into account all the factors that can impact a return on investment and use that intelligence to help our customers develop an effective project plan. This transparent process means that you can be confident that your project will not run into unexpected costs, delays, or surprises.

Energy Sourcing

Our decades of involvement in energy sourcing means that we are able to work with our customers to get them long term savings on their energy and gas bills. We are able to negotiate long term gas rates which is especially important for certain CHP or power generation projects.

Long Term Energy Planning

Energy Choice works closely with customers to understand their energy goals and create effective long term plans. Whether your business requires fixed utility pricing, a retrofit program or a 20 year PPA, Energy Choice will find the solution that works best to meet your energy project needs.

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