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Energy Choice provides the best technology options, service, parts, and experience to address your energy needs. One of the biggest advantages in working with Energy Choice is our promise to provide a complete solution for every project that we work on. Our approach means that our customers are provided with new revenues opportunities, improve the efficiency of their sites and lower their costs. Our team has spent decades working in the energy industry, giving us a unique perspective that has shaped our holistic approach to power generation. Energy Choice’s diverse product portfolio means we can solve the long-term needs of a broad range of customers in many different industries. We take your existing infrastructure, requirements and goals into account and make sure that your solution is best-in-class.



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What distinguishes us from others in the industry starts at the very first stage of project development.

Energy Choice approaches all power generation or CHP projects as a complete solution. We use a comprehensive modeling process that that takes into account every aspect of a customer’s project, from the regional, state or federal incentives to the environmental requirements that are present in the area. We focus on solving your site’s problems and work to make your life easier. Energy Choice provides tangible economic benefits along with intangible benefits like reliability, efficiency and having a positive environmental footprint.

Energy Choice is able to provide these tangible and intangible benefits to our customers because of our streamlined process. While each of our projects is customized to the needs and requirements of our customers, we have made the project development process significantly easier and more efficient. Instead of using a stick-building method where each part and component is sourced from a different provider or manufacturer, Energy Choice uses a sole source approach that allows us to provide a complete solution that is cost-effective while using the best and most advanced technology available today.

We work with some of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world to ensure that all of our products utilize equipment that has the most advanced technology, best reliability and highest efficiencies available for sites that have current or future onsite power generation. By wrapping together all of the necessary project elements into our portfolio, Energy Choice provides single source responsibility and accountability for each and every project we undertake.

With a single source equipment provider, our customers do not have to worry about bloated costs or whom to call for technical support. The Energy Choice model is designed to provide a lifecycle view to our customers, savings on the upfront installation costs, and reduced costs during the operation and maintenance of their plant.