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An SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) System is typically used in power applications to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) from exhaust gases. SCRs are successfully used today to reduce emissions on power generation engines, turbines, industrial boilers and diesel automobiles. They are employed in a variety of applications, including systems that operate on natural gas, bio/waste gases, and diesel fuels.


Our emissions control system specialists will help you understand how emissions reduction can benefit your facility.
For new natural gas and biogas systems, the first component in an emissions control system is typically a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. A SCR system injects a liquid agent like urea (DEF) through a catalyst into exhaust to set a chemical reaction to reduce NOx and CO by up to 97%. DEF is a non-toxic fluid composed of purified water and urea. An SCR system consist of:

  • Dosing Systems: Adds the reactant (urea) to the exhaust gases
  • Injection/mixer unit: Where the reactant is added and mixed with the exhaust gas
  • Reactor Unit: This houses the catalyst

Following the dosing process, all the pollutants in the exhaust gas are converted into nitrogen and water. Our SCR systems are finely tuned and employ highly sophisticated dosing systems to avoid any harmful ammonia slip and meet the guaranteed emissions requirements.

For diesel generators, the second component that an EC SCR system contains is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). A DPF is utilized to reduce the amount of fine particles that are produced by a diesel engine. These systems are used in combination with an Energy Choice SCR to provide a complete package that allows existing diesel asset to meet the increasingly strict state and federal emissions standards.

Energy Choice’s emissions control systems are a customized, complete packaged system to allow for lower costs and quick installation. It includes an emissions analyzer, dosing system, catalysts, filtration elements, urea tanks and all necessary accessories and components.