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When a Manhattan-based company came to Energy Choice with a major backup power generator dilemma, it quickly became clear that a creative solution would be needed. Due to stringent New York emissions standards, the company’s diesel generator could no longer be used for demand response programs unless its emissions were reduced. But the diesel generator in question was on the roof of a 30+ story building with limited access. They had already considered installing an SCR to reduce NOx emissions to an acceptable level and encountered many obstacles. Installing an SCR on a Manhattan roof is a costly undertaking, requiring expensive cranes and permitting. Fortunately, Energy Choice had the perfect solution that overcame all of the project hurdles. The solution was Fuel Water Emulsion.

A Fuel Water Emulsion (FWE) unit was a great fit for this customer’s needs. This innovative technology finely disperses water into the fuel directly before the injection pump, which creates a homogenous emulsion of the two fluids. The fuel-water mixture burns much cleaner and produces significantly less soot and NOx. The FWE unit control system is capable of modulating the water content to fit the particular emissions needs and meet the local requirements. Furthermore, the technology is lightweight and modular which allows for an extremely fast and inexpensive installation. FWE can be installed to mitigate harmful emissions from any diesel generator, whether it is for power generation, marine applications, or terrestrial vehicle engines.

For the customer in Manhattan, the simplified installation was a gamechanger. The modular FWE equipment is so compact and lightweight that it could be brought up the stairs on an elevator. Unlike the SCR installation, there would be no need for large cranes and a shortened permitting process. This drastically cuts the total project costs, generating a quick packback period for a customer who plans to participate in a demand response program.

Every emissions control project is different, which is why Energy Choice always works closely with customers to find an energy solution that is customized to fit the specific needs of each project. If you have a diesel engine in need of an emissions control retrofit or just want to learn more about our FWE technology, our Energy Choice Emissions Control team would be happy to answer your questions.