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Onsite energy for commercial and industrial users is so efficient, it pays for itself. Easily save as much as 30% on energy costs.

What is Energy Choice’s Onsite Energy?


Energy Choice’s “power plant in a box” power generation units are ideal for many commercial and industrial energy users. Each unit is a plug-and-play system with a small footprint that is pre-designed and engineered for easy on-site installation. The integrated system offers off-grid reliability, allowing you to receive uninterrupted power during grid outages. Energy Choice maintans the equipment for the full life of the system, providing tens of thousands of hours of power generation.

Some of the main benefits of an Energy Choice distributed generation unit include:




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Onsite Energy Products


Energy Choice has a diverse line of onsite power generation products. The range of modular solutions allows us to find the power solution that works best for you and your energy needs.