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Are you getting the best quality engine parts for your money? If you aren’t sure, our Energy Choice parts experts would be happy to offer our recommendations! Our team has analyzed and tested many OEM and aftermarket parts to find which are the best value parts for our customers. Not only are many aftermarket parts less expensive than the OEM parts, our recommended aftermarket parts are also designed for a longer lifetime and high-quality operation. Using these parts will save you money on your maintenance costs while ensuring engine reliability.  

One example of customers benefitting from using Energy Choice recommended parts is with our endorsed aftermarket spark plugs and pre-chamber gas valves for Jenbacher 6 Series engines. Energy Choice has worked closely with the manufacturer and end users to monitor the total customer savings that can be generated by using these aftermarket spark plugs and pre-chamber valves. There are some initial savings from the purchase price, but the real savings come from reduced maintenance costs. Maintenance costs are reduced because, due to their innovative design, these parts last approximately 50% longer than the equivalent OEM parts.

The table below shows the effect that using the Energy Choice recommended aftermarket spark plugs and pre-chamber gas valves can have on your maintenance costs. For most of our customers, spark plugs and pre-chamber gas valves can represent as much as 28.3% of maintenance costs up to the first major overhaul. By using our endorsed parts, which have a greater lifetime than OEM parts, the number of service intervals needed is reduced and this results in an estimated 10.1% savings on maintenance costs.

Interested in learning more? Ask your Energy Choice account rep about higher performing parts today!