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Battery-Engine Hybrid Units for Electric Vehicle Charging

When EV charging stations take electricity from the grid, the resulting electric bills can be a huge burden. A significant portion of each electric bill is from demand charges, which are based on the largest instantaneous electric demand. Customers can benefit greatly from distributed generation by eliminating this utility demand charge.

The Energy Choice charging station is sized to simultaneously fully power two electric vehicles. It is composed of a battery and a natural gas reciprocating engine along with a control system that manages the unit. This allows for immediate and reliable charging for vehicles plugged into the charging station.

Reliable EV Charging at a Cheaper Rate than the Grid

The Energy Choice EC300B charging station is sized to fully power two Tesla Superchargers. It consists of a 120 kW / 30 kWh battery and a 285kW natural gas reciprocating engine. The battery starts charging the vehicle immediately after it is plugged in. The engine then switches on and takes over charging within several minutes.

A 7’ x 7’ x 15’ steel container houses the engine, generator, battery, inverter, and all necessary electrical and control equipment. The container protects the equipment and reduces noise to as low as 55 dB(A). The station is factory assembled, pre-wired, pre-piped, and tested to ensure full functionality. The utility-grade unit is monitored remotely and controlled via the PLC system.


Technical Data:

Model Engine Capacity Mechanical Efficiency Battery / Inverter Capacity Start Time
EC300B 285 kW 38.7% 20 kWh / 120 kW Immediate
EC600B 570 kW 38.7% 60 kWh / 240 kW Immediate

Download Datasheet: