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Energy Choice is a provider of energy solutions for some of the biggest challenges that our customers currently face. Our goal is to save customers money and increase their energy resiliency by implementing one or more of our turn-key solutions. Energy Choice solutions provide the best overall value for onsite power generation by taking a holistic approach to power generation.

Onsite Power Generation Solutions – Highly efficient modular power generation and CHP units. We work closely with project developers and engine end-users to provide a full turn-key project. Our power generation units can either be power only or CHP, and financing options are available to provide additionally flexibility.

Spare Parts – We work with the largest manufacturers and suppliers of OEM quality industrial engine parts to get you the savings you need without sacrificing the quality and consistency that you have come to expect. Our online parts store allows for 24 hours a day ordering, fast delivery, and the ability to track orders and shipments.

Emission Retrofits – Energy Choice can provide emission control equipment or full turn-key emissions solutions that will ensure your power generation units comply with environmental requirements, including the EPA requirements for demand response.