Environmental Compliance

Environmental Platform help organizations manage regulatory compliance and sustainability, enterprise risk data and activities. Implementing platform will reduce compliance risk, prevent significant errors and omissions, reduce costs and workload of the compliance management team.

Platform integrates environmental federal, state and local rules, facility permit requirements, compliance tasks, documents, automates O&M and inspections, helps with record keeping and reporting, provides equipment profiling and real-time data capture and analysis. Data can be shared with whoever it needs it. It automates tasks, creates notifications, issues alerts and helps with filing and agency communication. Operators and managers can better understand performance and take asset corrective and preventative actions while completing tasks required for environmental compliance.

Merging environmental compliance and asset O&M, platform becomes a useful system with real data input and performance metrics. Integrating real-time data transfer and equipment performance, it reduces time to perform most of the tasks that generally go unnoticed. Complete compliance calendar and mapped processes and automated reporting forms and requirements, reduces compliance costs.

Platform is designed as a collaboration platform where employees from multiple departments perform daily routine tasks leading to compliance requirements. Managers can review and monitor input and assign tasks.

Unlike other platforms or internal spreadsheet management, Energy Choice’s platform is not passive. Data is collected remotely and alerts are issued. Tasks that are due or when it’s time for an audit or review, it notifies the people who need to be involved. Everyone can easily access data and generate automated reports.

Submitting compliance documents and notifying local state and federal agencies is an important part of compliance processes. Automated process will guide you through properly contacting and submitting the right information.

Managers and users can create and download reports from existing data in the system or upcoming protocols and tasks. This can include documents, operational tasks and many others.

Reducing compliance risk while minimizing time and costs are some of the main drives for implementing a compliance platform. Energy Choice offers several unique features that in addition to gathering and compiling compliance data, through collaboration and task automation helps to increase performance and transparency.

Plant O&M

Energy Choice’s plant O&M platform is designed to be used by asset owners, service professionals and service managers. In addition to automated input through data transfer, operators’ input is valuable in maintaining equipment scheduled and unscheduled service and increase uptime.

Asset management platform is a system that records, analyses and provides input on lifecycle performance of one of multiple assets. It includes three main aspects, environmental compliance, asset O&M management and fuel/utility contracting oversight. Organizations that are looking for an integrated inclusive system will benefit most from Energy Choice’s offering.

Templatized service schedules and maintenance error records reduce time to schedule and maintain operational tasks to the minimum. Ongoing input is registered to improve knowledge and reduce service time. Templates reduce effort to transfer knowledge and best operational practices to new employees.

Collecting data manually and electronically, real-time asset monitoring, performance analysis will help with overall asset performance on continuous bases. Asset-specific metrics are set that will alert user for any deviation from normal operation or overdue tasks that will effect operations.

Environmental compliance requires specific maintenance tasks to be performed during the life of an asset. The integration of our software makes compliance and O&M a single-step task completion.

Utility cost management module Maintain all fuel and oil-related orders and costs, electric and natural gas utility costs. Interval data can be collected so utility costs can be evaluated in detail especially if participating in energy-saving programs.

Monitoring and analyzing asset data in real-time helps predict failures, detect underperformance, reduce maintenance. Connecting knowledge gained and asset data provides best, optimal and worse case performance parameters.

Energy Choice team will evaluate and implement sensors, controls and setup data transfer wirelessly or through an internet connection. Part of the setup process will be to understand performance requirements so parameters can be set up.

Asset Upgrades

Time-lines tend vary with site specific challenges, logistics, and amount of work to be completed. Generally, it would be safe to full scope completion is within a time span of 3-6 months for retrofits. Scope can include: environmental permit modification and approval, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, stack test, environmental agency document filing. Project manager will always discuss the time line at the outset, and install team do best to work reasonably within your time frame.

One of the important aspects of retrofit process is to carry on discussions about a facility’s needs, state and federal requirements applicable to facility, plans, and goals. Armed with this information project team will build a plan to bring back assets and facility to compliance. During planning will reconvene to answer questions and discuss alternatives until we have a plan that is acceptable in scope, budget and time line. It may require one or several retrofit technologies to reach requirements, like diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR), fuel water emulsion (FWE), fuel injection (FI), gas to liquid fuel (GTL).

Because of the variety of emission equipment add-ons, it can’t be said that if you add emission equipment then you can enroll in a revenue generating program. In any project we approach, the enrollment in a revenue generating program is always brought up during the discussions phase. If a facility sets out with that end in mind, then you can be assured that we will accomplish that goal for your facility. If addition to federal requirements, there are state and at several cases regional or city emission requirements which would be needed to comply

The importance of EPA and State compliance guidelines and requirements, as well as the proper implementation of good order in carrying out a project like this, we will handle this aspect, and all aspects of the project, we prefer to offer our services as a turn-key project. In this way, each phase of the project can be put in motion at the right time, to expeditiously and efficiently complete all phases of the process.

Federal and State regulations have specific guidance for this question and it varies by state. Generally, we set up permits to allow between 300-500 annual hours of operation.

Energy Choice offers maintenance and testing programs to help you stay compliant. Energy Choice can be contracted to remove/install/clean/return catalysts to your facility. If your team has the capability to carry ongoing maintenance, parts can also be ordered online at https://echoiceparts.com.

As opposed to the typical “stick-building” model, Energy Choice’s packaged DER units are a power-plantin-a-box complete solution. Unit includes, engine, generator, controls, grid connection, sensors, emission controls, container and sometime a battery as an add on. These units utilize the most efficient technology available today and are powered by natural gas or renewable gas.

Cost per kW of the DER all-inclusive package are lower than industry standard but will vary based on total kW, project requirements and whether you would like Energy Choice install unit as well. Contact Energy Choice with your requirements to receive an estimate or full proposal.

Energy Choice’s compliance ready DER units, support a variety of customer requirements including continues power, backup power, peak shaving, demand management, electric car and bus charging.

Based on your needs and involvement, Energy Choice is partnered with finance institutions to finance project outright or energy service providers for no out of pocket payments as long as asset is enrolled on DR or demand management programs for shared benefits.

Industrial Parts Store

https://echoiceparts.com online store is a B2B platform. Creating a user profile provides individual pricing benefits and customization of your facility’s needs. Pricing is displayed once you have logged in. Order history, quotes, shipping and your plant’s information will be all accessible in your account. To sign-up you simply click the Sign in link on the main page.

Management of your account is possible as an account administrator. Administrators can add and modify users within your organization for access to the website. Account administrators can also view user purchase history and pricing from each user or location.

Only those individuals who are employed by an organization will be able to create a user account at https://echoiceparts.com in an organization’s account. Our store has been created as a B2B platform to help professionals who service facilities and power plants, purchase the industrial parts they need.

If your company has a tax exemption certificate, you may submit it to us, for qualification of tax-exempt purchases. Your tax-exempt status will usually be activated within 30 minutes after our support team reviews your submitted certificate. You can submit your certificate via email at parts@energychoice.com or during the signup process.

Our website is fully functional for searching, selecting, and purchasing parts online. If you would like to chat with us, we are always happy to assist you in completing your order over the phone or via email. We can also help you with those hard to find items.

Several payment options are offered to business customers for purchases at echoiceparts.com:

Energy Choice accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others.

Approved business customers can purchase items based on a line of credit assigned to their business account. Credit limits are based on purchase history and company credit worthiness.

This option is offered to expedite transactions that wouldn’t work for Credit Card, and for first time customers with large orders, that require immediate shipping. Money Wire has also been a preferred option by many businesses to pay credit invoices as well.

The Shipping rates page provides detailed information on the different shipping options available to customers in the US, Canada as well as international customers. Please refer to this page for updates to rates and policies.

We are always striving to improve the user experience and help customize your shopping experience to customer’s needs. Setting up addresses and user accounts, managing your power generation assets and creating customized parts lists for easier ordering are just some of the features available with our store.

Our customer service team can be reached by email at parts@energychoice.com, or by phone, during business hours EST, at + 617-939-0160. Support is provided for sign-in guidance, order placement, order status updates, product support, account maintenance and payment services. Online orders can be placed 24/7 at echoiceparts.com.

Your Environmental compliance or Plant O&M platform account allows you to access and purchase parts on the parts platform located at https://echoiceparts.com. Your asset service schedules can automatically update parts pricing and add parts to your order.

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