Engine emission retrofits and compliance ready distributed Energy resources

Engine Retrofits

When it comes to Return on your investment, there's no better way than to enroll an engine in a program that earns you money by reducing the demand you put on the electric grid. The quickest path to this is through the addition of emission reduction equipment

Energy Choice has the experience take you through all the necessary steps to get an engine upgraded, re-permitted, tested and certified to enroll in a revenue-generating energy program.

Engine Emission Upgrades

Turn-key project includes environmental permit modifications and compliance filing, system design, equipment installation,
testing and performing ongoing compliance services.

Reduce Time & Costs

Running several retrofit processes simultaneously and maintaining stock of many components reduces time to complete and deliver a project.

Reduce Points of Failure

Utilizing Energy Choice as a sole vendor to implement project from beginning to the end, will reduce project delays and failures

Technology & Compliance Expertise

We have developed proprietary solutions based on years of implementing the many available emission reduction technologies. Your familiarity with state and federal emission requirements helps us choose most effective technology for our customers.

Compliance Stack Tests

Energy Choice will schedule and perform initial and ongoing stack tests required for compliance. Document generation and filing to environmental agencies is performed

Central Record Keeping

All records including technology, environmental and performance of equipment are kept in a central location which can be accessed through an online web account

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitoring and downloading data for each retrofit project is available. Saves time to collect, analyze and submit compliance reports. Pared with configurable alerts, it provides you the intelligence to stay compliant.

Environmental Compliance Systems

Continuous Parametric Monitoring is provided with each emission reduction system

Oxidation Catalysts

Oxidation catalysts convert pollutants like CO and HC into carbon dioxide and water.


SCR System is used to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) from exhaust gases.

Fuel Water Emulsion

FWE reduces NOx up to 40%, soot up to 100%, particle matter over 80%, CO2 up to 10%

Water Injection

WI reduces NOx on diesel or gas engines up to 50%, and 80% when combined with FWE on diesels

3-Way Catalyst

A 3-way catalyst reduces nitrogen oxide emissions, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide

Diesel Particulate Filter

A DPF is utilized to reduce the amount of fine particles that are produced by a diesel engine.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Energy Choice’s compliance-ready M-PACS units, support a variety of customer requirements
including continuous power, peak shaving, demand management, electric car and bus charging

Modular Power

  • Plug & Play, “power plant in a box”
  • Options: from 500 kW to any size
  • Natural gas or renewable gas
  • Low emissions and remotely managed

Battery-Engine System

Steel container houses: engine generator, battery, inverter, electrical & control equipment connection ready and remotely monitored electric car charging station, demand reduction.

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