Environmental Compliance

Software to automate and simplify environmental operations for your organization

Intelligent Platform Designed for the user

Energy Choice’s environmental compliance platform simplifies compliance management by automating required workflows, reducing risk while streamlining labor. Employing this platform and implementing its steps, you will ensure compliance and operational reliability.

Our platform takes federal, state and local rules, and the permit requirements of each facility and asset, along with your regularly scheduled maintenance program, inspections, and record-keeping, and synergistically integrates them into a system that collects this data and organizes it for the purpose of compliance reporting and an intelligent preventive maintenance protocol.

Environmental Compliance Management

Automated Compliance

Eliminate tedious compliance work, Third-party providers, paperwork, data collection and task management

Lower Risk

Maintain all your records properly, complete requirements in time, reduce risk of personnel change, avoid fines

Reduce Time & Costs

Reduce time and costs with data collection, document management, compliance filings, team collaboration

Environmental Regulations

  • NESHAP, NSPS, SPCC mapping
  • Permit requirements modeling
  • Regulatory agency updates

Compliance Calendar

  • Automated task creation
  • View upcoming to do list
  • Assign work to team

Data Management

  • Centralized records
  • Stored for 10 + years
  • Secure data access

Asset Profiling

  • Engine, turbine details
  • Oil tank, compressor, other
  • O&M, parts, repair records

Reporting & Analysis

  • KPI & Compliance Status
  • Configurable reports
  • Asset performance analysis

User Management

  • Extensive user configuration
  • Third party vendor access
  • Multi-user role creation

Multi-user role creation

  • Real-time sensor data collection
  • CPMS & asset performance alerts
  • Inspection automation

Compliance Services

  • Engine, turbine details
  • Oil tank, compressor, other
  • O&M, parts, repair records

Integrated Software Platform

All Inclusive software subscription, no user-based license

Energy Choice platform

Cloud- Based Software

Single version software, always latest. Can be accessed anywhere on desktop or mobile

Solutions Enterprise

Workflow mapping build based on best practices. Modular design for user to pick components

Realtime Feedback

Realtime data analytics provide in-time feedback. Alerts and over the air data collection can be setup

Collaboration Platform

Task and user profile mapping allows for input and collaboration from the many departments

Customer Success Team

Energy Choice's customer success team will support you each step of the way from initial evaluation to data collection, system implementation and continuous oversight.

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