Streamlining the inspection, maintenance and replacement parts process”

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The vision of our plant O&M platform is an indispensable innovation that gives organizations the tools they need to maximize asset ownership, increase uptime and reduce unscheduled downtime. Our Platform focuses on mobility and is accessible from the desk or any mobile device. Service companies and professionals, facility managers, the oil and gas industry, power generation companies and everyone in between, who is looking for an all-in-one easy to use management platform will find it here.

Asset Service Schedule Library, Scheduling & Dispatching, Field Service Collaboration, Spare Parts Planning and Pricing, Fuel and Utility Vendor Contracting, and Continuous Asset Monitoring are some of the offerings of the Digital O&M platform.

Digital Plant - The Intelligent Asset Monitoring System

Improve Asset Integrity and Reliability

Predict failures in advance, automate environmental compliance, optimize
systems for better performance, reduce techs repair time

Real-time data transfer from your assets or your experts through the cloud

Match sensor data, asset knowledge and O&M templates to set parameters

Automate analytics, reporting, notifications and machine learning

Take corrective actions and continuously optimize templates and

Investing in Energy Choice's Digital Plant O&M, provides good ROI

Monitoring and analyzing asset data in realtime helps predict failures, detect underperformance, reduces maintenance and eliminates on-site data collection or inspections. Combined with our O&M platform, using analytics and knowledge gained will help move from preventive maintenance toward a more proactive maintenance while providing in-depth understanding of operations and maintenance issues.

Inspections and Maintenance


  • Asset specific service schedules
  • Operational inspection checklists
  • Asset know how repair knowledge
  • Service replacement parts
  • Compliance template interaction

Task Management

  • O&M task assignment and dispatching
  • Instant feedback from on-field technicians
  • Reoccurring tasks calendar setting
  • Third-party vendor collaboration
  • Compliance task association

Automated Interaction

  • Realtime asset performance data
  • Limitations alerts generation
  • Inspection completion from digital data
  • O&M improvement recommendations
  • Engine, generator, tank, container association

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