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Modular Peaking Power Solutions

14 June, 2022

Operations Team

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The rapid changes on today’s energy grid have never been greater. The increase of renewable energy has made the integration of highly efficient, lower carbon power generation assets in all power markets even more important. With today’s latest technologies we can’t just simply flip the switch to a carbon neutral power grid, it must be done strategically and safely to ensure lights never go out. Our grid was built piece by piece over the last century this is not an easy task to accomplish without the right balance of planning and generation assets.

The progressive integration of renewable energy resources as baseload power is a positive change in our global energy landscape. However, it also creates challenging supply gaps for the grid when the wind stops blowing or the sun stops shining. Increasing the utilization of renewable energy assets on the grid today requires the increased deployment of quick-start dispatchable power as back up.

Companies looking to grow and evolve require integration of generation assets and in order to meet current changing energy demands and overall costs. Generation assets need to quickly respond and at times work as part of an integrated microgrid.

To accelerate the sustainable adoption of renewable power generation assets as baseload, installing highly efficient and reliable peaker plants engineered specifically for this application is the logical next step. Integration of reliable natural gas-powered generation assets serving as back-up to wind and solar is a critical step in reducing emissions while maintaining safe and reliable energy production.

Peaker plants must be always at the ready to fill intermittent and sudden power gaps. When called on, they can ramp to full power in minutes and power down just as efficiently, however these units spend a great deal of each day idle. For this reason, the installed cost per kW of a peaker-plant is crucial to enabling the sustainable adoption of carbon-neutral assets as baseload. Currently costs of building such plants are high and inefficient. Operating cost of older inefficient units to provide dispatchable power are high. In addition, time required from start to finish of building a new plant with supply chain issues is long and requires a lot of know-how recourses.

Utilizing a Peaking Power System is a model that can resolve many of the current power reliability challenges we face. Our Modular systems offer rapid deployment, increased efficiency and lower operating costs. Whether you are adding 2MW or 200MW, our custom designed and facility built modular systems will eliminate many of the on-site issues that arise from building your system onsite. Besides brand new custom designs, there are often opportunities to install refreshed/rebuilt power units which offer a cost savings advantage and shorter lead times. Below are many compelling arguments for modular or fully containerized systems, including:

– Complete turnkey systems
– Shorter planning and commissioning time
– Optimal and flexible system designs, component tuning.
– Lower installation and maintenance costs
– Higher system availability
– Sole source responsibility, risk mitigation
– Smaller overall footprint
– Suitable for temporary use or easy to dissemble and move

Energy Choice offers rebuilt and new modular or containerized systems. Helping to facilitate the right solution will be driven from understanding your needs and expected timeline.